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I am well aware that only about a handful of people will get this reference (namely the ones that read Miracle of Life), but still: Since June 7, I'm no longer Severus Snape, instead I finally get to be Harry Potter.

Welcome, A.E.! ♥

Fic: A (not so) Bright Future (H/W), PG-13

Title: A (not so) Bright Future

#2 AU/supernatural/sci-fi (Established relationship fic: Wilson, in the early stages of anorexia, unexpectedly becomes pregnant. House is pleased about this, and Wilson, while wanting the child, can't give up his illness and continues in an anorexic manner. He does his best to hide it, but eventually House suspects. Writer's choice if it results in miscarriage or House catches him in time and forces him to stop, etc., whatever you want.)
Angst, hurt/comfort
PG-13/This fic contains (for obvious reasons = see prompt) MPreg. Don’t like, don’t read!
Words: ~4,900
Wilson and House are going to be parents and both of them are looking forward to it. Unfortunately, the happiness doesn’t ensue as expected.
I don’t own any of the known characters or places. No money is being made.
Thanks as always to JP. :-))

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Fic: Untiltled (H/D), PG-13 (1/2)

To: jtsbbsps_dk 
From: tinarebekka 
Gift: Fic
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: Uh…about 15,000.
Summary: 8th year, post war, AU after OOTP (some people never died): The new school year just started and something is far from right at the castle. Harry is curious and concerned while Draco has more personal reasons to investigate.
Author’s notes: Dear jtsbbsps_dk, I tried to come up with something to do your prompts justice and I think I managed to incorporate some of them. I really hope you like it. Anyways, have a wonderful Christmas! :-) 
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